Motorised Roller Shutter

Easily close, open, or open to a preset height (e.g. to allow pin-hole lighting through) individual electric roller shutters, or entire groups of motorised roller shutters, at a single touch. Use RF remote control or IR remote control from your lounge seat or bed, with RF-receiving wireless C-Bus home automation, or IR-receiving C-Bus switches, C-Bus MultiSensor PIRs, or C-Bus touch screens. Control your roller shutters remotely by phone or mobile phone using voice menu or SMS text messages.

Automatically close electric motorised shutters when your arm your automated security before leaving home. Make scheduled operation of your automatic shutters part of your home occupancy simulation when your away. Automatically close or open electric shutters when a security or fire alarm occurs. Operate motorised roller shutters, electric blinds, curtains, lights and fans all from the same attractive style automation wall switches for improved aesthetics, with the flexibility to reprogram changes without re-wiring.

Structure of Motorised Roller Shutter


Material Available:

  • PPGI Colourbond
  • EG
  • GI
  • Zincalume
  • Aluminium
  • Perforated Metal
  • Punch Hole
  • Heavy duty-1.0-1.2mm
  • Light duty-0.5-0.7mm