Perforated Powder Coat

Powder Coating In an effort to provide the highest possible service, we undertook a world-wide search for improved powder coating methods. As a result, our powder coating line is recognised as one of the most modern systems in operation today. Advance Metal Products provides a total service for customers needing powder coating. From the initial trial procedures through to storage and distribution, we can coordinate the entire process. Advance Metal Products Powder Coating line has a 6 stage pre-treatment providing an iron phosphate coating to help prevent corrosion, 10 Nordson Auto Powder Application Guns and manual guns for rapid colour changes. An infra red curing oven reduces curing time resulting in an overall better finish on powder coated parts. Advance Metal Products batch oven can reach temperatures in excess of 220° C. With dimensions of 3,000mm x 2,500mm x 2,500mm it is possible to process the largest products or large volumes of smaller components. Description: This is a powder coating line we specially designed for perforated metal.

Following is its main technical parameters: Design Basis

  1. Product need to be coated: Aluminium perforated metal
  2. Workpiece size: 6000mm long, 150mm wide and 400mm high
  3. Loading capacity on each hanger: 2 PCS 4. Design conveying speed: 1.8m/min (can be adjusted from 0.8 to 2.5m/min)
  4. Coating method: Auto powder application
  5. Heat source: Natural gas Design description: 7.1 According to the size of aluminium plates, we design the pretreatment to be immersion tank type with 6 stage processings. 7.2 Then the pretreated workpieces will be conveyed to drying furnace for water removal on their surface. The drying furnace is of tank shape with a top-door design for easy access of pre-treated workpieces. 7.3 After drying, the workpieces are ready for powder particle adhesion.

Please manually feed them on auto powder coating line. For a better painting result, the spray booth, waster powder recycling system, reciprocator adopts advanced equipments in China through our careful selection. And the spraying guns, both auto and manual are imported from foreign famous company for a longer service life. Then these workpieces will be sent to gas-fired furnace tunnel to let powder melt into a smooth coating. Please note above powder coating line is for aluminium perforated metal, if your perforated plate is made by steel, please contact us to let our well-experienced metal surface finishing experts to design a powder coating line suits for your actural production requirement.